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Alford Hughes Announces Second Edition of Global Investor Guide in Collaboration with Qatari Artist Abdulaziz Yousef  

Alford Hughes, Qatar’s only prime international real estate office, has announced the release of the second edition of the Global Investor Guide in collaboration with Qatari Artist Abdulaziz Yousef, popularly known as ‘Temsa7’. Building on the success of its previous collaboration with Qatari artist, Bouthayna Al Muftah, for the inaugural edition, Alford Hughes continues to support local artists, providing them with an outlet to showcase their creativity and bolster their growth.  

The Global Investor Guide is available exclusively to the Alford Hughes Investor Network in Qatar. It offers insights and investment guidance into prime real estate opportunities from across the world and showcases a portfolio of luxury properties exclusively available for sale through Alford Hughes for investors from Qatar. The guide aims to serve as a valuable resource for investors, providing expert advice to make informed decision-making in the complex and ever-changing world of international real estate investments. The latest edition highlights hotspot destinations, including Paris, Istanbul, London, Manchester, Dublin, Barcelona, Madrid, and Lisbon, chosen for their vibrant culture, lifestyle, and promising investment prospects. 

Mohammed Al Baker, CEO of Alford Hughes, expressed, “We take pride in championing the local art scene by providing a platform to local artists to express their creativity.  With the Global Investor Guide, we bring unparalleled investment advice and opportunities to our investor network in Qatar.” As an art investor himself, Al Baker, added, “We also hope our investors cherish this guide as a limited-edition art collectible.”  
“I would also like to extend a warm welcome to our investors to the newly launched Alford Hughes Lounge, at 6 La Croisette, Porto Arabia, The Pearl Island. This VIP lounge is truly one of a kind in the Qatar market and provides our investors with a boutique luxury setting so that our team of international real estate experts can guide you on investing internationally, locally”, Al Baker, added.   

Mohammed Al Baker, Managing Director of Bin Yousef and Founder of Alford Hughes 

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